Is sadism fun? Maybe!

I bet that got your attention, didn’t it? lol

Okay, so before I start, the disclaimer: I’m not into sadism, masochism, or any of that other kind of stuff. Not in my real life anyway.

But, I’d say about a year ago, I got this email from Harlequin, a book publisher. I’m a member of their Tell Harlequin panel, and they’d sent me the first chapter of this book, The Siren by Tiffany Reisz. They wanted me (and others they’d emailed, of course) to read this first chapter and tell them what I thought. They also mentioned that I could get the book for my Kindle for just $.99. So I read the first chapter.

This is the only way I can describe how good I thought it was: I went and bought the book before I even thought about answering the questions they wanted me to answer. Then I answered their questions. Then I got back to reading The Siren from start to finish.

When I finished that one, I moved on to the next, The Angel. Then I read The Prince, and died when I got to the end and discovered it was a cliffhanger and the next book wouldn’t be out for like six months! I distracted myself with other books and my own writing until last week when The MIstress, the next book after The Prince, was FINALLY delivered to my Kindle.

I will be doing an actual review of the entire series thus far on my book reviews page later. But I have to tell you, these books are amazing. They are not for children, of course, but for anyone else, I recommend them. I never, in a million years, thought I would ever read about people having pleasure from pain and thinking it sounds good – but she managed to make me do just that.

She writes these characters, and the scenes they’re in, in such a way that it all makes sense. I still wouldn’t do it in my real life, but as I read, I found myself thinking, “I get it. I see why people would do that. ” And I would find myself thinking that if I ever met someone like the characters she created, I could see myself giving it a shot. I don’t think I really would, but she certainly makes you think it’s possible.

There are four more books in the series, starting with The Priest coming out next March. I’m waiting for that one, and the others, although they are not so much a continuation of the series as they are the beginning. They’re all supposed to be prequels to the four I’ve already read.  But I’m still looking forward to them – I want the back story on the characters, too!

Even if you’re not into BDSM (I’m not), or reading erotica (usually I’m not much of a fan), you should still think about reading these books. They are that good.

(Look for my real review sometime next week, after I’ve had a chance to process the ending of The Mistress.)