Internet issues

I have Brighthouse for cable, Internet and phone. Can I just say they suck?

I’m writing today’s post on my phone because it’s the only Internet I  have at the moment. Brighthouse calls this am unplanned outage, but this happens to me all the time. Like almost every day.

They charge an arm and a leg, plus your firstborn child, for services and then those services don’t even work consistently. We’ve had the same tech out here so often that he actually remembers being here and why he was here.

Most of my work, the writing itself, can be done offline. But when I need to go online for research, or to do other work, I need consistent, immediate access. So this is very frustrating.

And it is the case this morning. I have several things I need to do online, things that aren’t convenient on a phone, and I can’t do them. I’m stuck.

Thanks, Brighthouse, for being such a great provider. That was sarcasm, by the way. I know you Brighthouse folks aren’t all that…bright.

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