I'm not lazy, I promise!

It’s been nearly a full two weeks since I last posted, but it’s not because I’ve forgotten or been lazy. I’ve been hard at work on a new story, doing the final edits on Ripped Away, and doing other things that need to be done.

I’ve also been dealing with some pain. About 3 years ago, I think I dislocated my right thumb. I say think, because I never actually saw a doctor about it. I went bowling with my kids, and think my thumb was dislocated when I released the ball, but before I could see a doctor, one of my kids happened to bump my thumb while we were swimming, banging it against the metal side of our above ground pool, and the pain instantly disappeared.

Since then, however, every few months, my thumb will start to hurt. It began as a very mild pain, almost as though I had a bruise that I kept poking. It was easily ignored. Over time, it’s gotten worse. Yesterday was the worst yet. Yesterday, even holding a fork hurt. My thumb felt stiff, stuck in place at times. I would think to move my thumb and it would seem to take several seconds before my thumb would get the message and move. On top of that, the pain now seems to be extending into my wrist.

Back in November, I had an X-ray done. The results of the X-ray seemed to indicate there was nothing at all wrong with my hand. My doctor was looking for signs of dislocation, sprain, strain, a break, or indications of arthritis. None of these things were found. So, the fact that the pain has returned again and is now worse than it has ever been before is very bothersome to me.

I’ll be seeing my doctor again this afternoon, with the hope of figuring out what this is and finding a way to resolve it. But in the meantime, the pain inhibits some of my usual activities. For example: typing. My right thumb is the one that hits the space bar as I type. So I’ve been trying to limit my typing to only what’s absolutely necessary. So I’ve been ignoring the blog to focus on my books.

With that said, I’m going to end this post here. I’ll keep you updated on what I find out. And remember, you’ll be able to buy Ripped Away on April 3rd!