I mentioned a deal on my books – here it is!

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned I would be running a Christmas deal on my ebooks. As promised, I’ve got it all set up and here are the details:

Tomorrow, December 22, and Monday, December 23, all four of my books (Tangled Deceit, The Secrets He Kept, Ripped Away, and Rainy Days and Flowers) will all be FREE on Amazon!  They make great Christmas gifts for that romantic suspense lover or poetry reader in your life. And hey – does it get any better than FREE?

This deal applies to the ebook versions only, of course. I would love to offer another deal on the paperback versions, but there’s no way they would arrive before Christmas at this point.

I hope that you’ll pick up and enjoy my books, whether as a gift for yourself (hey, it’s okay to give yourself a gift now and then!) or for someone you love.

And if you do get one or more of my books, would you mind leaving a review on Amazon once you’ve read them? It makes a difference.

Merry Christmas!

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