Happy Mother's Day!

I love Mother’s Day. It’s a chance to show my own mom how much I appreciate her, and it’s one day a year that my own kids try not to fight, and try hard to give me a nice, peaceful day.

I often spend the day reading, catching up on TV that I haven’t seen recently, and just hanging out with my kids. This year, I’ll be spending the evening watching the Survivor finale.

In honor of my favorite activity on this day (reading, of course!), I thought I would offer mothers a great deal – for today only, you can get all of my books on Smashwords for just $0.99 each! All four of them (one volume of poetry, and three novels) for less than $4.00. Can’t beat that, can you?

Here are the coupon codes you’ll need:

Rainy Days and Flowers: WG34Q
Ripped Away: FX58B
Tangled Deceit: NE75S
The Secrets He Kept: EY44J

If you don’t have an ereading device, and/or prefer paperbacks, I have a deal for you, too. You can order my books through my CreateSpace store, and get 10% off using this discount code: QTSXA228. Bonus: If you’re only ordering a couple of my books, you’ll be spending less than Amazon’s threshold for free shipping, and CreateSpace store shipping is cheaper than what Amazon will charge you! So you’ll save money there, too!

If you’re a mom, take advantage of these deals to get some great reading material! If you’re not a mom, but know one who would enjoy my books, don’t hesitate! And if you’re a single dad, an aunt, uncle or grandparent, or anyone else that’s had to take on a mother’s role, you count, too!

Happy Mother’s Day!

(Remember, these codes are good for today only! So don’t wait!)