Getting things back on track

After writing last week that I needed to cut back on how often I posted, I ended up even further behind than I already felt I was.

I’d been having computer issues for a few days at that point, but they got progressively worse. By Tuesday, I reached the point where I knew I needed a new laptop in order to keep working. Wednesday morning, I went out and bought said new laptop. But when I brought it home, things only got worse.

The touchpad stopped working, quite literally, within 2 minutes of trying to set the computer up. I had to plug in a wireless mouse in order to keep working – well, technically, the laptop has a touchscreen, too, so I could have used that, but I was not used to it and it was far too awkward.

I had other things to do on Wednesday, and on Thursday, so I spent some time trying to figure out the touchpad issue, but couldn’t do much. By Thursday evening, though, I tried tech support. They were in the process of running some tests after taking remote control of the system when the computer froze up. Someone else was on the phone when they tried to call me at that point, so I couldn’t get the call. It was nearly time for dinner, and going on 7, and after so many other things had been going wrong, I was near tears and gave up for the night.

Friday, we had shopping and park day, and more. But I got home around 3, and around 4, I called tech support. A few quick tests and it was determined that the touchpad was defective and I was told to just take it back to the store. This was late enough that Office Depot, where I bought it, was going to be closed by the time I could wipe out what I’d put on the computer and take it back. So I spent the evening wiping it and getting it ready to go back.

This morning, I was at Office Depot when they opened, and within 5 minutes or so, I was walking out with a second new laptop. This one is working like a dream. I have a touchpad, Windows 10, and my writing software, among other things.

I have a lot of catching up to do. I have to learn Windows 10, catch up on several lost days of writing – oh, did I mention I lost an entire book file? Yeah, that was fun. Never did get it back. Anyway, I have to learn the new system, catch up the writing, and try to get ahead for some things that are coming up this week. I already know I will not get completely caught up, nor will I get ahead, but I’m going to try. I’m going to do as much as I can, and get myself back on track.

How was your week?

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