Getting older, sunburns and theme parks

I’m not old, exactly. But after yesterday, it is clear that I am definitely not young either.

I took my kids to Legoland yesterday. They were offering a huge discount on admission for homeschooling families, and I saw it as a great learning opportunity for them, as well as being tons of fun.

If you’ve never been, let me tell you: it is huge. When you look at their map, it doesn’t seem so big. We walked all over that park yesterday, and my feet and skin are clear evidence of that fact. I was worried in the week leading up to yesterday, based on various weather forecasts I was seeing, that it might rain yesterday. I didn’t want it to rain, thinking it would suck to be walking around wet. Then we spent yesterday finding misters around the park so that we could stand under them and get drenched before moving on. lol

Legoland is definitely an experience geared toward children, but even for adults, it’s incredible. I’m not a Lego person, really. I have boys, so I’ve played with my fair share of them, but they’re not something I’m totally obsessed with. But even I was charmed and amazed to see the various things that had been built with Legos. A Lego Ford Explorer, full sized. Miniland, an area full of various towns (New York City, San Francisco, and Miami Beach, just to name a few!) built of Legos, has such incredible detail that you could spend hours simply staring in fascination at the detail work.

They have a variety of rides, everything from roller coasters to water rides. They have a driving school, which is really neat. Kids get to drive little “cars” on a small track that is very much like a real road. Stop signs and traffic lights, as well as lane markings were included. They even get a little driver’s license at the end.

There’s also boating school, which is lots of fun for everyone – it’s more like bumper cars (or bumper boats!) than anything else, but it’s still good for a laugh. There’s the Safari Trek, which takes you around and lets you look at a variety of wild animals, such as elephants and hippos, made out of Legos.

There are areas where they can build cars out of Legos and test them out, to find what works and what doesn’t. The entire park is a very unique experience, one that I am very impressed with. We had a truly wonderful day, some real quality time as a family.

Of course, I remembered my sunscreen, but did forget to apply it to the back of my neck and the top of my chest. So I’m now suffering from a bit of a sunburn, which is most definitely not pleasant. My feet and legs ache from all the walking. I’m glad to be home and enjoying the a/c and a recliner today.

I’m also getting back into my next book. I’m going back in time, this time. I was reading an article a few weeks back and it gave me an idea that I’ve decided to run with. It’s going well so far, but no release date yet. đŸ™‚

I’m heading back into the 1940s for this book, and am truly enjoying all the history I’m learning for it, things I never learned in a history class. I also love immersing myself in the 1940s when I’m writing. So much fun.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to lose myself in the late 1940s.