Fireworks, fun, and a freebie!

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. What have you got planned for the holiday?

Our plans are pretty low key. We’re going to grill burgers and dogs, with some fries and maybe some corn on the cob. Assuming the weather cooperates, we’ll also spend some time in the pool, and set off fireworks tomorrow night. We do our own at home, with the grandparents, rather than drive across the county and be crushed in a crowd. Plus, here at home, we can go inside and get out of the sun for a while – a crucial thing for those of us who are so fair, we can burn at the mere thought of being outside in the sun. lol

We’ve had many rainy days in the last couple of weeks. Not just light rain, either, but some rather severe storms with lots of lightning and thunder loud enough to shake the house. Today is no exception. As I write this, we’ve just had a storm pass that had rain so heavy, it looked more like a thick fog, and near-constant lightning, along with a little hail, and there’s another storm on its way. So I’m really glad that tomorrow’s rain chance is super low, so that we can have the chance to get outside, enjoy some sun, swimming and fireworks.

Also happening tomorrow is my giveaway for Tangled Deceit. All day tomorrow, you can pick up the ebook version of Tangled Deceit for free on Amazon. It’s the first book I published, and this past Monday was the one year anniversary of its release. So I’m giving it away free, so those who haven’t read it have a chance. I’ve published two other novels and a volume of poetry since then, and I hope, if you like Tangled Deceit, you’ll pick them up as well.

I hope you enjoy your holiday tomorrow. I hope your weather is beautiful and the fireworks abundant. Have a fun and relaxing day!