Crunchy Nut Golden Honey Nut Cereal Review

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Golden Honey Nut Breakfast Cereal

I was invited to the BzzAgent Crunchy Nut campaign. By joining, I received a free box of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal. There are two flavors, Roasted Nut & Honey O’s and the Golden Honey Nut flakes. I received a box of the Golden Honey Nut flakes.

We are big cereal eaters in our house. For breakfast, sometimes lunch, and even a bedtime snack sometimes, we’ll eat cereal. Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Chocolate Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies and Cocoa Krispies, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios – we don’t discriminate when it comes to cereal (well, we don’t discriminate against anything else, either, but you get my point!).

I’d seen Crunchy Nut in the store recently, but hadn’t bought any. I just hadn’t really thought to. So when the campaign invite came in, I jumped at it. Not only do I get to try a new kind of cereal, but hey, it’s cereal! I’m not turning that down. Then I waited, somewhat impatiently, for it to arrive. It took a couple of weeks, but it finally got here

Now, I mentioned we’re big cereal eaters. But my oldest might be the biggest of us all. When the box arrived, I had it barely out of the shipping package before my oldest was chiming in with, “I’m going to try it first!” We’d already had breakfast, and lunch, by the time it arrived, and dinner was so filling that night we had no snack, so it was the next morning that we finally tore into the box.

This was a cereal worth waiting for (at least according to my oldest!). The honey flavor is perfect – just enough to add delicious flavor without being overpowering or too sweet. The flakes are crunchy, really crunchy, which I like in a cereal. It stands up very well to milk as well. You can’t let it sit, but unlike some cereals which seem to turn to mush the second a drop of milk touches them, this was crunchy right to the very last spoonful.

The nuts are crushed into tiny pieces and stuck on the flakes – there are no large pieces of nuts. Frankly, I found that I couldn’t really taste the nuts that well, though my oldest disagrees and swears there’s plenty of nut flavor. I think the fragments are too small to really impart much flavor, but since my child insists there’s a nutty flavor, I’ll chalk this up to a matter of personal preference.

Overall, I was quite impressed by the flavor, appearance, and durability of Crunchy Nut Golden Honey Nut cereal. It was delicious, crunchy (as the name implies), and a real treat for breakfast.

Note: Although the name does include nuts which should make it clear, I do want to make mention of the fact that it does contain peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and more. If you, or any member of your family are allergic to nuts, you will want to avoid this cereal.

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