I am a single mom coach and meditation teacher. My coaching relies on a combination of working together and setting you up to go deep within to determine what you want your life to look like. I use meditation, art practices, journaling, mudras, mantras, safe & simple yoga poses, and other practices to help you be more mindful while also focusing on the future and creating the big, beautiful life you dream of.

What can we work on in coaching?

Anything you want!

Some of the things my clients come to me knowing they want to work on include:

  • Overcoming a breakup or divorce
  • Building their confidence & practicing self-acceptance & self-love
  • Exploring specific thoughts, dreams, or feelings
  • Releasing past stories & limiting beliefs that are sabotaging their goals
  • Planning a relocation, career change, or other significant life change
  • Learning how to co-parent with a combative or impassive ex
  • Dipping back into the dating pool again

Single mom coaching is about you. It’s about YOU deciding what YOU want to do and helping YOU break down those goals and dreams so YOU can accomplish them. My role is to support you. My role is to keep you focused, assist you in breaking your dreams and goals into manageable steps, hold you accountable for following through on what you say you want to do, and helping you shift focus when you accomplish or change a goal or dream.

I want to help you:

  • Ease anxiety
  • Embrace more love and laughter
  • Reduce stress
  • Let go of the past
  • Plan for and start building your future
  • Enjoy parenting as a solo mom
  • Get ready to date again
  • Follow your dreams
  • Live a life you truly love

What are my options?

I offer two options for coaching: more “traditional” video/phone coaching and email coaching.

Traditional video/phone coaching requires you to set aside at least an hour for our sessions every week, two weeks, or month (depending on the package). Between sessions, you’ll have “homework” to complete. This homework can be actions you’ll take to move you toward your goals or it might be a worksheet, meditation, art or journaling prompt or something else to help you get more insight, develop more self-awareness, and heal from the things that are currently keeping you feeling stuck.

Email coaching, which is most popular with the single moms I work with, offers you more flexibility. Because we rely on email to communicate, you’re not required to set aside a chunk of time for sessions. It also offers more frequent communication, which many moms like as they feel it allows them to make more progress because they don’t need to take notes and wait for their next session to bring things up.

Which option is better for me?

That depends on you. If you’re looking for more immediate feedback, such as me interrupting you to ask a question or remind you of something you’ve said before, video/phone coaching would be better for you. Video/phone coaching would also be better for you if you feel it’s easier to express yourself verbally or rely on body language to get your point across (i.e., “talk with your hands”). If you feel like people often misunderstand your emails or texts, video/phone coaching would be best for you. Video/phone coaching is also ideal for those moms who want someone to bounce ideas off of and come up with a plan but then want to move forward on their own and only reach out before their next session if they run into a significant issue.

Email coaching is perfect for busy single moms who don’t have a flexible schedule or are unwilling or unable to set aside an entire hour at once for a session where you won’t be interrupted. Email coaching is also good for moms who feel they express themselves better in the written word, prefer to take their time and refine what they’re thinking, and send their email to me when they feel ready rather than showing up for a session merely because it’s been scheduled. Email coaching is also best for introverts, shy moms, or moms who otherwise feel that they can be more honest and open without the intensity that comes with the eye contact of a video session or the connection of a voice on the phone. Email coaching is perfect for the mom who wants to feel like there’s someone there, holding her hand and pushing her forward, rather than going it alone.