Chilly days and nights and their effects on my brain

We’ve finally had a real cool down! Seriously, the last 2 or 3 nights have gotten down into the 40s, and the days have been just breathtakingly beautiful: cool temps, no humidity, gorgeous sunshine. I got to wear a (very lightweight) cardigan sweater to the park yesterday (over a tank top, but it still counts, right?)!

My kids have ADHD. I can’t deny that a little bit of that comes from me. I’m not all, “The Civil War was about – SQUIRREL!”, but if you put a shiny object in front of me, you can probably distract me. And I’m kinda feeling that way right now. Proof? The sentence I’m typing right now is only after typing an entire post and then deleting the stupid thing about 4 times now. No, I’m not kidding.

There’s so much for me to focus on right now, and that’s part of the problem. I’ve got my NaNo project to finish prepping before that begins next Friday. I’ve got homeschooling stuff to work on. We’ve got Halloween coming up, and there’s decorating and costumes and all that jazz.  I’ve got to start thinking about Christmas. I’ve got to get a new mattress, because the one I have sucks – I can’t sleep anymore without waking up with a backache. I went from having one once in a while to literally every morning now. Did I mention it sucks?

We also have a cat, too, and I have to be honest: it is way too easy to get distracted by a cat. He’s actually a kitten, about 7 months old now, and he’s very playful and affectionate. It’s too tempting to play with him, or to cuddle him like a baby (my mother loves to remind me I can’t have more children and to stop trying to make him my new baby) and listen to him purr. He likes to play with my necklace and my hair, both of which I have to tell him not to play with. I’m afraid he’ll break the chain on my necklace and end up choking on one of the pendants, and just the other day, when he tried to play with my hair, his claws swiped across my face. Luckily, there was enough distance that he didn’t leave a mark, but next time could be closer and he could scratch my face or my glasses – and I’m not sure which would be worse there.

So anyway, I’m pretty scattered right now, as proven by the strange rambling of this particular post. I hope I’ll be able to settle and start focusing again soon. If not, maybe I’ll just get a laser pointer and join the cat in a game of “chase the red dot.” Or maybe I’ll just – oh, shiny object!