Changes, always changing

You might have noticed some recent changes around the site. There’s my expanded buying options on my own books, and you may have also noticed some new links to buy the books I review, as well. Some of the changes I’m making are to make things easier for you, the reader, and some are to make things easier for myself, as a busy person who wants to try to condense as much as possible.

Which prompts me to ask you, my reader, a question today. You see, I have a thought in mind that would make things easier for me, but I’m not sure if it would make it easier on you, or if you even have much of an opinion.

Right now, when I review a book, I create a page for it. This worked well for a while, but as I’m beginning to review more and more books, I can see it quickly becoming a bit unwieldy for me. For this reason, I’ve been considering doing each book review as a blog post. I would still include all the buying links, as I have all along, but including it as a blog post instead of giving each book its own page, will cut down on the number of pages for me to keep updated – and could cut down on the number of pages you have to look through to find what you’re looking for. (My own books would continue to have their own pages, current and future.)

This would make things different for you, the reader. You wouldn’t be able to just click the Book Reviews page and scan the list to look for a review. You’d have to search through past blog posts for a specific book title, or simply browse through the blog posts until you find something interesting to you.

Which is where my question comes in: which would you prefer? Clicking the Book Reviews page, scanning the list and clicking one you like (or were actively looking for)? Or searching the site for a specific book title or browsing posts until something catches your interest? If you have no preference, which do you think would be easier or make the most sense?

Decisions, decisions. Share your thoughts with me, and help me make up my mind, won’t you?

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