I'm not lazy, I promise!

It’s been nearly a full two weeks since I last posted, but it’s not because I’ve forgotten or been lazy. I’ve been hard at work on a new story, doing the final edits on Ripped Away, and doing other things that need to be done. I’ve also been dealing with some pain. About 3 years ago, I think I dislocated […]

Who has the real rights here?

I came across this news story this morning. A woman facing financial difficulties decided to become a surrogate for a couple, and when it was discovered that the baby had several birth defects, the couple wanted her to abort. Rather than doing as they wished, she instead moved to another state, where she would be considered the baby’s mother, gave […]


I noticed something after I had children. Before I became a mom, my own birthdays were a big deal. The milestones: turning 13, Sweet 16, 18, 21 and…well, 21 is really the last big milestone, unless you count 25 and a decrease in insurance rates. But one of my children has a birthday around this time of year and this […]

So close…and yet so far

I am still working on the final edits to Ripped Away. I have 68 pages left to go. I was working on the edits this weekend, as I lost so much time dealing with the computer crash a little over a week ago. I made quite a bit of progress between yesterday and today, but I am done for today. […]

Promises, promises

So, Wednesday night, I started thinking about having a giveaway. I spent Thursday doing a lot of thinking on how I wanted to do this one, and planned to announce it yesterday. Then… I woke up to a dead computer. It would pretend to start, but get stuck on a completely black screen. I tried repairing, restoring to a recent […]

A typical day in my house

Some people think that we writers have exotic lives. I know one person personally who once imagined that we sat on beaches somewhere, laptops on thighs and tropical drinks at our sides, to write. Not so. Decidedly not so. In fact, allow me to prove just how unlike my life that is. As I’ve mentioned before, in addition to working […]

Yes, I really am barefoot most of the time

So, it seems that many of you found the fact that I’m barefoot whenever possible to be one of the stand out parts of my interview on Celebrating Authors. And some of you found it hard to believe, as well. But I promise you – it’s true! I am not your stereotypical woman who has 600 pairs of shoes, categorized […]

It doesn't make sense

Just before Christmas, I called Animal Control in my town. Two teens were abusing a kitten in front of my home. They were punching and kicking it, and loudly laughing and bragging about how it screeched and whimpered when they did. I banged on my screen door, and let them know they were seen, and called out that animal abuse […]

The power of touch in relationships

I was reading the April 2012 issue of Redbook today. In it, there’s an article that gives the advice of several knowledgeable people on how to avoid divorce. There are two particular suggestions that stood out at me: Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., said that couples should touch, stating that a lot of couples stop touching long before they split up. […]