Love and loss

This is my grandfather. Herb Miller is my father’s father, and he was the only grandfather I had for most of my life, as my mom’s dad died when I was only five. This grandpa died last month. Less than a month after I saw him for the last time, knowing that it was the last time I would ever […]

Keeping Secrets

This post is going to have some spoilers about The Secrets He Kept, so if you haven’t read it yet and don’t want to read spoilers, you might want to save this post and read it later. In a review or two, and quite often when I speak with someone who’s read the book, a common comment or question is something […]

You say I'm unique like it's a bad thing!

I have a handful of friendships that have carried forward from my teenage and very early young adult years – people I’ve known since high school or the two years or so immediately after. One such friendship is with a man whom I’ve grown rather distant from in the last few years, as we have some extremely different views on […]

The best date I ever had

With Valentine’s Day coming up on Sunday, I was thinking about romance themed things I could write about this week. And I thought of this: the best date that I ever went on. First, let me tell you about the man who took me on this date. His name was Brian (or maybe he spelled it Bryan, I can’t remember […]

Fantasy of romance vs reality

As an adult, I’ve had enough relationships to realize that they don’t all end in happy ever after, and that happy for the moment is the best we get sometimes. I’ve learned who I am, both in and out of a relationship, and that it’s important that I retain that knowledge and don’t let go of it in an attempt to hold on to a relationship that simply isn’t meant to be. I can support friends as they struggle to work out problems in a relationship, and lend a shoulder to cry on when they walk away, as well as smile happily at their weddings or the births of their children.

Can you save your marriage using romance novels?

Let’s start this with a disclaimer: I am not a relationship counselor, nor any other kind of relationship expert. I have no training, and am not offering this blog post as a “cure all” for relationship trouble. With that out of the way, can you save your marriage using romance novels? I think the answer to that question is: maybe. […]

What would the world be like without romance novels?

Reading is an escape from life. Whatever we read, we enjoy a good book that draws us in, transports us to another place, time, or life than what we currently have. Romance readers read romance for a variety of reasons: they might be single and read it for the relationship and romance, they might be in an unhappy marriage and […]

Is sadism fun? Maybe!

I bet that got your attention, didn’t it? lol Okay, so before I start, the disclaimer: I’m not into sadism, masochism, or any of that other kind of stuff. Not in my real life anyway. But, I’d say about a year ago, I got this email from Harlequin, a book publisher. I’m a member of their Tell Harlequin panel, and […]

Book vs. movie (or TV show)

A lot of books are made into movies – sometimes they’re made into two or three movies, even. And lately, the new thing is to make them into TV shows (Stephen King’s Under the Dome, anyone?) I have watched several movies made from books I’ve read, and I always find it fascinating to note the differences between the two. Sometimes […]

My thumb and its issues

As I mentioned yesterday, I saw my doctor and spoke with her regarding my thumb and the strange things it does these days. I had an X-ray back in November that didn’t show anything. It ruled out the most obvious suspects, such as arthritis and carpal tunnel. When I explained the most recent symptoms, she suggested it may be a […]