Looking forward to summer

http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/550023093 I’ve wrapped up our school year here, which means that although the calendar still says it’s spring, it’s officially summer here (the weather would also agree with that). And I’m so glad. I’m looking forward to this summer for a few reasons. First, I’ll have more time to write for a few months. It’s not a lot more time, […]

Hit the reset button

On Monday, my kids and I headed to the coast for the day with a friend and her kid. We found some off-beach yet incredibly convenient parking by a beautiful beach area, and spread out all our stuff: sheets to sit on, coolers, bags of towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. A day at the beach requires a lot of stuff, if […]

Do phobias ever really go away?

When I was three years old (or somewhere around that age, anyway), my uncle owned a rottweiler. I wasn’t bitten, or really hurt in any way. The dog ran me over, not out of any intention of harming me (or so I’m told, I don’t actually remember the specific incident), simple as that, and that inspired a major fear of […]

Making all the parts of my life work together

Depending on how much of my site you’ve checked out and how long you’ve been reading my blog, there are a few things you probably know about me: I’m a writer. I’m a single mom of two. I homeschool my kids. This makes my life interesting. Since I’m a writer, I work from home on my own schedule. Homeschooling my […]

The secrets and lies in our lives

I just finished reading The Girl On the Train. If you haven’t read it yet, I won’t spoil it for you, but I will give you a brief idea of the story: Rachel is our main narrator, and she’s a divorced alcoholic who we soon realize we can’t trust. She rides the train to and from work every day, and […]

Time Change + Trouble Sleeping = Blah

I don’t have insomnia – at least, I don’t think I do. Most nights, I sleep fine. I go to bed, read for a while (or watch a movie or a TV show, depending on the night) and when I decide I’m ready to sleep, I roll over and fall asleep. I sleep all night until I wake up at some somewhat decent hour of the morning.

Read it? Watch it? Ignore it?

I’m going to confess: I’ve not read, or watched, Gone Girl. I’ve seen the previews for the movie, and it looks really good. But I’ve heard from some people that it wasn’t that good: they say the ending wasn’t good, or they just didn’t like it in general.

A relative mentioned not liking the ending, and later said that she felt the book was the same: a bad ending. So now, I’m curious.

People Watching

My birthday is coming up, and yesterday, my family took me out for dinner to celebrate. We went to Olive Garden, one where a lot of older people tend to go due to its location. While we were eating, an older couple came in and sat down at a booth across and slightly down from us. I could see them […]

The mind of a mystery or suspense writer

A friend recently shared an image on Facebook that made me laugh. It was a picture of a not-quite-closed door with a caption that was something to the effect of how a normal person would see that and just think, “Oh, the door to the garage didn’t get closed all the way” and a writer thinks, “Oh, no! The door […]

The Unbelievable Robin Williams

I was stunned last night when I opened up my laptop after dinner last night to learn that Robin Williams had died. The man was incredible. There is nothing that I have watched him in that I didn’t love. Every movie, every TV show, every comedy performance has made me laugh, cry, or feel whatever emotions were intended. My kids […]