New Sales Channel!

As of today, paperback copies of my books are available on Scott’s Marketplace. The best part? These are signed copies! If you order one through Scott’s Marketplace, you will get a signed copy with a personal message from me. Signed copies of a book are a thoughtful gift to any reader, and if you message me after you place your […]

Uncooperative characters

I shared a little about my current work in progress a few weeks ago. Naturally, after I shared that, my characters decided they weren’t happy with their lives as they were – nor were they happy with the situations I was throwing at them. Kylie decided she didn’t want to be a travel blogger, but own a bar on a […]

Making progress on my work in progress

I finally came up with an idea that is actually going somewhere, and I’m excited to share a little bit with you. Here’s a little taste: Kylie Banning grew up on a dairy farm, and couldn’t wait to get away when she turned eighteen. She’s spent the last sixteen years traveling the world, and now makes a living with her […]

Expanded buying options

I am super excited to share this news with you! You may or may not have noticed some new sales links on the pages for my books in the last few days. I have expanded my book sales. Until now, you’ve been able to purchase my paperbacks in a variety of online locations, but my ebooks have only been available […]

Summer colds and another sale!

One of the joys of motherhood is when your children are generous and share. Or is it? My oldest child decided to be generous and share a cold with me. So now I’m dealing with a runny nose, scratchy throat, and general stuffy head feeling. Which is why I nearly forgot that Tangled Deceit just went on sale in the […]

Tangled Deceit will be on sale next week!

It hit me this morning that last week was the two year anniversary of when I published my first book, Tangled Deceit. I’ve had so much going on that the actual date passed me by without me even realizing it, so I didn’t get to mark the occasion. Which is why I’m going to do it now. Starting Sunday, July […]

Expanded purchasing options for my books!

I’ve had all of my books enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select for, roughly, the last year or so. I’ve spent the last few weeks, as the renewal date for my enrollment neared, trying to decide whether to continue with Select or whether to expand out to other sites again. Select has some benefits that were mildly beneficial. The main ones […]

Cover A or Cover B?

So, I’m thinking of a cover redesign. I’d love to know your thoughts.  Cover A is the original cover, and Cover B is the redesigned one. Which one do you like better? Cover A                                                    Cover B

Considering options for book sales

About a year ago, I had my books available on Amazon, but also on Smashwords – where they were distributed to other sites such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, etc. I chose, at that time, to unpublish them from all the sites but Amazon. My sales on the other site were so pathetic that even to call them negligible […]

Authorgraph and signed book copies

You may have noticed, I don’t do book signings – yet. Eventually, I will, but right at this particular time, they simply don’t work for me. I will, however, happily sign a copy of my book that you’ve already purchased, if you want to send it to me. Or if you’d like to buy a signed copy from me, you […]