Calm and relaxation

The most stressful part of my week is behind me now. The event that was causing me so much tension ended up being considerably less trying than expected – which turned out to be both good and bad.

Now I’m attempting to plan the rest of my week, figuring out what I most want to get done. I have book editing to do, naturally, but I’m having a bit of trouble focusing. So I’m considering doing a bit more work on sprucing up the website, and getting to work on getting my photos transferred here.

I plan to take a little time to meditate today, as well. It’s very relaxing and usually relieves all the stress I might be feeling. And though that stressful event is behind me, there is still some residual tension left over. I can feel it in my shoulders and my back, mainly, but also in the cloudiness of my mind right now. It’s an uncomfortable feeling which I don’t like. I feel as though I can’t concentrate, or can’t even really think. I feel exhausted, as though I want to just sleep. But I know that if I tried to sleep, I wouldn’t be able to. It’s a strange feeling. Luckily, meditation usually sweeps that all away and leaves me feeling clearheaded and functioning again.

The idea for another book has been rolling around in my brain for a couple of weeks now, and things are really starting to gel. I’m getting a real feel for the characters, and an idea for the location has come to me. I’m going to wait a bit longer, let things continue to come together, before I do any writing. I’m really excited about this particular idea, almost as excited as I was when I began writing The Secrets He Kept. This excites me, too, because The Secrets He Kept is my favorite among the stories I’ve written so far.

I think I’ve procrastinated long enough. Time to get my kids started on their schoolwork, and get myself started on my own work.