Busy week

This is the second week of school for the kids. Things seem to be going well so far. They’ve quickly gotten back into the swing of daily homework and getting up early again.

This week is proving to be a busy week for me.

Normally, I research and write my articles as they come. I have a general work schedule, in the sense that I do focus on work while the kids are at school. But I’ll also work at night after they’re in bed, and often on the weekends I’m doing some research or working on an article (like this weekend, I was working on my article about the Foundation For America’s Homeless, since it was due today). It’s not constant, just some here and there stuff while the kids are busy running the yard or taking showers or whatever.

With this weekend being Labor Day weekend, and the last long, lazy weekend of summer, I’ve decided that I want to take the weekend off. Totally off.  No research, no writing. In fact, I’m even considering simply turning off all the computers in the house for the weekend. I want to enjoy the time with the kids, going out and doing stuff, like we did all summer. I’ve got plans for swimming, fishing, a little hiking, a few night swims in the pool. Just some real relaxation and quality time with the kids.

But…in order to do that, I have to have some articles ready to go for next week. Otherwise, next week would be a frantic mad rush to get things done and everything would be of far less quality than I typically publish, and I don’t want to do that. I’d rather have the mad rush this week. 🙂

Seriously, while it does make for a bit of a mad rush this week, there is a reason why I’d rather it be this week than next: if the articles are written this week, when I’m ready to begin publishing them next week, it’s only a matter of polishing them rather than writing from scratch. Much faster to edit and polish an article than it is to write, edit and polish it.

So, that’s what I’ll be spending my week doing. There won’t be much going on on here, but I will still be publishing on Examiner.com and Associated Content. If I find a few free minutes somewhere, I’ll try to write another blog or post some pictures. I managed to get some great photos over the weekend, but I have to find the time to get them sorted and ready to post.

Until then…enjoy your Labor Day weekend!