Almost there

We have 12 more days of school before we start our summer break.  We’re all ready for summer. Summer camp, movies, swimming, relaxing under the sun, enjoying the stars at night (although we could certainly do without the mosquitoes!), and grilling almost every meal – does it get any better?

I’ve been getting quite a bit accomplished on my book the last few days as well. I’m pleased with how it’s coming along, and that (knock on wood), I haven’t had any writer’s block lately.

I was very disappointed, however, to hear that North Carolina passed their Amendment One. In a world where love is so hard to find anymore, why would anyone want to tell someone else their love is wrong, or not good enough? I want everyone, whether they are a stranger I’ve never met, my dearest friend, or my own child, to find true love – whether that love is with someone of the opposite sex, or the same sex. Love is love, and as long as it’s real and the two people in the relationship are happy, who the hell cares? I had a miserable marriage, but it was miserable because I married someone who wasn’t right for me and who couldn’t be faithful – that had nothing to do with two men or two women loving each other.

I’ve had people wonder why I read romance novels, and why I want to write romance novels. The truth? Things like what just happened in North Carolina. In my books, I can create my own reality – one in which people find happily ever after, and everything works out in the end. Until people get their heads out of their asses, that just won’t happen in the real world.

It’s another reason I started homeschooling, too. Well, not specifically, but sort of. By being completely in control of my children’s education, I can ensure that they learn about fairness and equality, and how so many people have fought for those things, and how so many still fight. I can be sure to teach them that love is for everyone, and hopefully, raise them to be a more tolerant generations than the ones who’ve come before them. Maybe my kids, and the rest of their generation, will be the ones to realize that this is ridiculous. Gay, straight, black, white, male, female – none of that matters. What matters is love and happiness. That’s it.