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I’m a single mom of two, as well as a romantic suspense author and photographer. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but after I had children and later divorced, I had to work to support my family, and my writing got put on the back burner. I was too busy working, helping with homework and all the other duties of motherhood to spend time on the writing I love so much.
Like so many other people, a few years back, I lost my job. The company I worked for closed down the branch I worked in, and offered me the choice to either be laid off or to move out of state. I couldn’t take my kids away from where their grandparents are, or all their friends, so I chose to stay. This led to me being out of work for a while, as it was for so much of the country. And also like so many others, I reached a point where I was looking for anything to make money.
As she had my whole life, my grandmother was still asking me regularly “Are you writing?” My response was still “no”, and one day she asked me, “Well, why not?” It was an excellent point. I certainly had the time. And if my writing was as good as my grandmother insisted it was, then maybe it would net me some money, too. So, I went for it.
As a reader, I know that I’m picky about what I read from “unknown” authors. That’s why I work so hard to make sure each book I release is one I would buy. I can’t ask you to spend your hard earned money on my book if I wouldn’t do it.
I also homeschool my children. While I fully believe teachers do a great job with what they’re given, I also believe that our public school system needs some serious work. The specific school system my children were in was not giving them the kind of quality education I wanted them to receive, plus my children have ADHD, which contributes to making an already poor education even worse. At home, my children get my focused attention and a more well-rounded education than they were originally recieving. I believe the decision about how to educate your children is one that should be left to the family, but I am more than happy to discuss my reasons for homeschooling, and my opinions on why it was best for my family and could very well be best for yours.I live in Central Florida, and have for most of my life. When I’m not homeschooling my children, working on a book, or spending quality time with my family, I enjoy swimming, reading, photography, and watching movies. I also enjoy TV, and during the summers, I love watching my DVDs of old classics such as Facts of Life, Mork & Mindy, 21 Jump Street or Moonlighting.I love to hear from my readers. Feel free to drop me a line through email at wendy at wendy-miller dot com.

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