A very strange night…

Last night was odd, to say the least.

My kids and I were watching TV – I don’t remember what we were watching – although, technically, I was more reading than watching, but whatever. Anyway, between 9 and 10, we heard this really strange sound.  At first, it almost seemed like thunder, except that it lasted too long and was too constant in volume. So then I thought it might be drums, but it was too discordant and again, too consistent in volume, and just not quite a fit. A final thought was that it almost sounded like some kind of shooting, but again, that just wasn’t quite right. It didn’t last long, a few minutes, and we forgot about it as we went to bed.

Around 2:30, I woke up to discover the power had been out. It apparently was on and off for a bit before finally coming back on to stay. At this same time, when I discovered that, I also discovered my kids were awake, and we were all hearing the same thing: a helicopter. Flying overhead, it was sticking around rather than flying over and continuing on to somewhere. And it was flying with no lights. None at all.

The last strange thing about this night was a car that stopped on our corner and was flashing its lights as the helicopter was flying overhead. Very, very odd.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not one of those people who sees conspiracies everywhere, or thinks horrible things are happening from innocent situations. If these things had happened on different nights, I wouldn’t have thought twice about them. By themselves, they would have been unusual, but not anything to waste time thinking about.

But happening all in the same night? That’s just way weird. Add to that, I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find any mention in any of the local news outlets of anything that might have happened last night: no jail escapes, no crimes where the police might have chased down a suspect, not even a drunk driver that might have been getting chased.

So, while I’m not thinking the government is out to get us or there’s a murderer hiding in my garage, I do keep wondering: What the hell was all that? It’s just so weird! And I’m thinking that this could make a great story, if I could ever figure out what it might have all been about.

Do you have any theories? Aliens? Charlie Manson directing a new family from behind the bars of his cell? A band of marauding bears looking for picnic baskets like Yogi Bear, only more sinister? I’m up for any thoughts at this moment!