Being a single parent isn’t easy. Whether you came to be a single parent through divorce, losing your spouse, or by choice, it often comes with the weight of feeling as though you’ve failed somehow. That divorce makes you a failure. That you should have somehow been able to save your spouse. That being unable or unwilling to find a partner to have a child with makes you a failure.

Raising a child on your own, or co-parenting with an ex, comes with its own set of issues. You feel like you must always be available for your children. You miss them when they’re not with you, but when they are, you find yourself wishing for a break sometimes.

And if, like me, you were raised in a two-parent household, navigating the waters of single parenthood can feel confusing and overwhelming. You know you’re singlehandedly doing a job meant for two, and that’s exhausting, stressful, and contributes to that feeling of failure mentioned above.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I want to help you shed your old ways and reframe your perspective of yourself. I want to help you reclaim your time, your assets, and your identity for yourself. I want to show you this is not selfish – it’s smart.

I want you to be a whole woman, offering the truth of who you are to your relationships. Let me be your guide as you come back to your essential self.