5 Benefits of Meditation That Can Help You Better Guide Your Life From Within

There’s a lot of talk about the varied benefits of meditation. Sometimes the benefits are so many that it’s difficult to get specifics on any of them or how to make the most of them. Today, let’s talk about five specific benefits that can help you guide your life from within.

Guiding your life from within helps you create a life you love. You’ll stop relying on the opinions of others, live in alignment with your truth, and find an inner peace that isn’t easily disturbed.

Let’s take a look at these benefits.

Meditation builds character

Meditation requires to sit with yourself. There are no others to talk to you or influence you. There’s nowhere to hide from yourself. This forces some real honesty with yourself.

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This can seem scary at first, but in the long run, it will build character. It will help you get to know yourself in a way you didn’t before. You’ll gain a deep understanding of what makes you tick, who you are, what you stand for, and what you want out of life.

This helps you feel more confident in the present moment and be more aligned with what you really want when you plan for the future.

Meditation creates fair thinking

Have you ever had a conflict with someone else, and both of you were absolutely convinced that you were right? And you both dug in your heels and continued to insist you were right, without giving an inch to the possibility that you might be wrong — or at least that the other person might also be right?

Meditation creates an openness of mind that allows you to look at things more fairly. You’ll be better able to assess conflicts and even when you still believe that you’re right, you’ll be able to consider the possibility that someone else might not be wrong. You’ll be better able to understand where the other person is coming from.

Additionally, you’ll find it easier to admit when you are wrong too. Meditation will help you analyze your own beliefs and motives, reconsidering long-held thoughts and beliefs that might no longer be accurate.

Meditation provides a container to overcome fears

Visualization is a safe way to work with your fears when you want to overcome them. It allows you the opportunity to face your fears safely and without danger.

Afraid of public speaking? Scared of losing your job when you’ve just started a family? Terrified your spouse might cheat? Meditate on a simple question: What’s the worst that could happen?

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Imagine the worst thing you can think of, in regard to your fear, happening to you. Imagine it in great detail, as much detail as you can. Then see yourself after it’s happened.

Even with the deepest fears, chances are you can find a good “after” to imagine.

You can also assess how to prevent that worst from happening. You can avoid forgetting your speech by practicing it and making sure it’s committed to memory. You can polish your resume so that if you lose your job, you’re ready to look for a new one. You can sit down with your spouse and be honest about how you feel so that the two of you can talk about the state of your relationship and why you might have the fear that they’ll cheat.

Meditation creates unconditional happiness

We all have bad days. And we have moments of anger, frustration, sadness, and more. But meditation creates a foundation of unconditional happiness that allows us to be more resilient and bounce back faster from those moments.

This baseline of unconditional happiness means that when something negative happens, we don’t fall into a pit of despair and depression that we can’t crawl out of. We feel an appropriate level of sadness, hurt, or anger and then we find the ability to start moving on with our life. We find ways to smile again, to laugh again, to feel contentment and peace despite whatever happened before.

Meditation helps confidence drive your decisions

Sometimes even the simplest decisions can trip us up and make us second-guess ourselves. We agonize over the what-if’s and wonder if we’ll regret not making the other choice. Meditation helps you get to know yourself and when you know yourself, it’s easier to make decisions that are right for you.

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By knowing what matters to you, what you value and what you want, it becomes easier to assess your options. You can hold the choices available against your values, motives, desires, and needs, and determine which choice best matches those. You’ll move forward with a decision with confidence and certainty, instead of questioning every decision a thousand different ways.

The quiet confidence and deep inner knowing that result from meditation will set you up to move forward in life in a way that makes you happy, brings you peace, and ensures that you thrive. It allows you to learn to rely on yourself so that you stop seeking external validation of what you already know to be true and lets you live your life in alignment with what is best for you, regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

And isn’t that what we all want?

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