Can you save your marriage using romance novels?

Let’s start this with a disclaimer: I am not a relationship counselor, nor any other kind of relationship expert. I have no training, and am not offering this blog post as a “cure all” for relationship trouble. With that out of the way, can you save your marriage using romance novels? I think the answer to that question is: maybe. […]

What would the world be like without romance novels?

Reading is an escape from life. Whatever we read, we enjoy a good book that draws us in, transports us to another place, time, or life than what we currently have. Romance readers read romance for a variety of reasons: they might be single and read it for the relationship and romance, they might be in an unhappy marriage and […]

Watering down the work

So, the other day, I mentioned that I’m a fan of James Patterson, and was disappointed by the TV series based on his book, Zoo. I wanted to expand on that a little today. If you follow my book reviews on Goodreads, you may have noticed that I gave Zoo 3 stars. This means that I liked it, but it […]

The only thing they share is a name

I’ve long been a fan of Stephen King and James Patterson. I’ve enjoyed every book I’ve ever read by SK, and most of the ones I’ve read by JP. So it was no surprise that, three years ago, when CBS announced it was making King’s book, Under the Dome, into a TV series, I was incredibly excited to watch it. […]

My top 3 NEW favorite writers

During my Summer of (Fictional) Love, I read mostly authors that were new to me. Most of these authors have been published before, and I just hadn’t read them, but a few were debut authors, too. I enjoyed pretty much all the books I read. There were a few exceptions, of course. Overall, though, I found a whole list of […]

They say you should write what you know

We all know the old saying about writing what you know. We also all know that many times, what an author writes about is inspired by something they see or hear somewhere – some tidbit on the news, an overheard conversation, the thought that they could have written the book they just read so much better. Sometimes, though, the thing […]

Just a Little Kiss – A Review (and a giveaway!)

As we near the unofficial end of summer, with Labor Day coming up this weekend, we get to the last few reviews in the Summer of (Fictional) Love. Today’s review is Renita Pizzitola’s Just a Little Kiss, thanks to Netgalley’s generously providing me with an advanced copy and Tasty Book Tours allowing me to host. There’s a giveaway for a […]