Uncooperative characters

I shared a little about my current work in progress a few weeks ago. Naturally, after I shared that, my characters decided they weren’t happy with their lives as they were – nor were they happy with the situations I was throwing at them. Kylie decided she didn’t want to be a travel blogger, but own a bar on a […]

Summer Lovin'

Summer is upon us – the official first day is approaching fast, but the heat is already here, and my very painful sunburn from the beach last week is a vivid reminder that we have definitely started the summer festivities. As I was driving the other day, I heard two songs. They were: They both reminded me, very vividly, of […]

Work is the new relaxation

Last week was a busy week for me. I had plans to go to the beach on Monday, then morning plans on both Tuesday and Wednesday, and midday plans on Thursday. I had worked out how to do all these things and still find time to write. Then my beach plans got changed at the last minute, and suddenly my […]

The Summer of (Fictional) Love!

I am super excited about this post! I am hip-deep in Kindle books right now, all advanced copies generously provided by NetGalley in exchange for honest reviews – but I get to do more than just review them. I recently signed up to be a blog tour host on Tasty Book Tours, and signed up for book tours for several […]

The Devil Wears Spurs – A Review

Netgalley sent me an email the Friday before the holiday weekend and offered me a free copy of The Devil Wears Spurs by Soraya Lane as a way to spend my weekend. I took them up on the offer, and it was a good idea. I started the book late Friday night (translation: I read one chapter at midnight before […]

The last 10 years

I’ve been working on my current work in progress for a few weeks now. Part of this story has to do with two characters who knew each other once before (only briefly) and the way they’ve both changed (or not changed) in the intervening years since then and now. That part of the book prompted me to consider the ways […]

Mr. Mercedes – A Review

Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes is a unique kind of horror story – the kind that could happen in reality. The kind thatĀ hasĀ happened in reality. No, it is not a true story, nor is it a fictional account of a true event. But it is the tale of an event that one could easily imagine happening in real life. From the […]