My top 5 favorite writing blogs

In an effort to get more done that’s actually productive, I recently went on a bit of a ‘cleaning spree’ online. There were several sites that were sucking away my time (Facebook, I’m looking at you), and not giving me anything useful in return. Some of those sites I couldn’t get rid of (Yep, still looking at you, Facebook), but […]

Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Creating a page for every book review was getting kind of old, so I decided that I’m just going to put them here from now on. If you all really hate it, let me know and I’ll reconsider. With that said, on with the review…   I finished Doctor Sleep by Stephen King last night. As I’ve said before, I am a […]

Tangled Deceit has a new cover!

Tangled Deceit was the first book I published, almost three years ago now. Its cover was also the first cover I designed – and it shows. So I decided it was time to give it a makeover! I hope you like it. Feel free to share it with your friends, if they haven’t read the book yet. Thanks for your support […]

Hit the reset button

On Monday, my kids and I headed to the coast for the day with a friend and her kid. We found some off-beach yet incredibly convenient parking by a beautiful beach area, and spread out all our stuff: sheets to sit on, coolers, bags of towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. A day at the beach requires a lot of stuff, if […]

A new venture

So last week, I told you that I was feeling stuck in a rut, both creatively and motivationally (is that actually word? I’m not sure.). I asked for suggestions on how to get out of it. But I actually found something to do about it even before I got any suggestions. In talking to several other creative types, it seems […]

Seeking: Creativity and Motivation

I have been in a major funk lately when it comes to creativity and motivation. I seem to have neither right now. Every idea I think I come up with ends up fading into oblivion before it gets very far, or if it doesn’t fade, I end up like that person who doesn’t mop toward a door: I’m stuck in […]

Do phobias ever really go away?

When I was three years old (or somewhere around that age, anyway), my uncle owned a rottweiler. I wasn’t bitten, or really hurt in any way. The dog ran me over, not out of any intention of harming me (or so I’m told, I don’t actually remember the specific incident), simple as that, and that inspired a major fear of […]