Writing Advice from Stephen King

Years ago, before kids and before I got truly serious about publishing my writing, I picked up a copy of Stephen King’s at-that-time brand new book, On Writing. Always a fan of his fiction, I figured he had to have some useful words for me. And he did.

Then of course, there was marriage, and kids, and moves, and divorce, and more moves. In the process of all of this, books were packed and unpacked and packed and unpacked, and in the shuffle, On Writing got buried in a tub of books somewhere in storage. It hasn’t come up for air in years.

What do I think of Kindle Unlimited these days?

A few months ago, I shared my initial thoughts on Kindle Unlimited, the at-that-time new program Amazon had introduced for ebooks. You can read the previous post for all the details, but the basic premise of Kindle Unlimited is that you pay $9.99 per month to read all the ebooks you want.

When I shared my initial thoughts, I said that I wasn’t really sure if I felt it was a good program or not. After several months, I’ve come to a few conclusions. These are, of course, only my opinions and may not be shared by other authors who’ve been in the program or by Amazon customers who use it.

Read it? Watch it? Ignore it?

I’m going to confess: I’ve not read, or watched, Gone Girl. I’ve seen the previews for the movie, and it looks really good. But I’ve heard from some people that it wasn’t that good: they say the ending wasn’t good, or they just didn’t like it in general.

A relative mentioned not liking the ending, and later said that she felt the book was the same: a bad ending. So now, I’m curious.

How to Get Away With Murder

Before anybody panics, I’m not about to try to give you tips on how to get away with killing anyone (although I do have a few ideas). No, what I want to talk about today is the ABC show, How to Get Away With Murder. I won’t give away any spoilers (at least, I don’t think I will!), in case […]