Fever (Club Inferno) – A Review

Fever, by Jamie K. Schmidt, is the third book in the Club Inferno series. The series is about the romantic, and very sexual, adventures of the people in the dungeons of Club Inferno. Fever is about Colleen Bryant, owner and head Domme, and her complicated relationship with not-so-bad boy and former football star Chase Fairwood. Colleen and Chase had a […]

Book Review Factors

I read a lot of books. I don’t review every book I read, mainly because if I did that, I’d never write anything else. But I do review the books I get through NetGalley (because that’s the deal – they give me a free book, and I give it an honest review), and I do review books that I feel […]

Changes, always changing

You might have noticed some recent changes around the site. There’s my expanded buying options on my own books, and you may have also noticed some new links to buy the books I review, as well. Some of the changes I’m making are to make things easier for you, the reader, and some are to make things easier for myself, […]

The Same Sky – A Review

The Same Sky, written by Amanda Eyre Ward, seemed like a rather intriguing tale at first. It’s the story of two very different women. One, Alice Conroe, is a grown woman, with a good marriage, a thriving business, a beautiful home, and the secure knowledge that she’s a survivor. The only thing missing from her life is the one thing […]

Expanded buying options

I am super excited to share this news with you! You may or may not have noticed some new sales links on the pages for my books in the last few days. I have expanded my book sales. Until now, you’ve been able to purchase my paperbacks in a variety of online locations, but my ebooks have only been available […]

People Watching

My birthday is coming up, and yesterday, my family took me out for dinner to celebrate. We went to Olive Garden, one where a lot of older people tend to go due to its location. While we were eating, an older couple came in and sat down at a booth across and slightly down from us. I could see them […]

Walking on Trampolines – A Review

Walking on Trampolines is a coming-of-age novel by author Frances Whiting, set in the 1970s through roughly the early 90s. Whiting has done an amazing job of portraying not only the characters, but also the setting (Australia) and the period. Walking on Trampolines is the story of Tallulah de Longland and her best friend, Annabelle Andrews. Tallulah, who goes by […]