The Secrets He Kept on sale!

So last week, I made my ebooks available on Barnes & Noble and Kobo. This week, I’m offering you a discount on The Secrets He Kept on Kobo! Tomorrow through Saturday, you can pick up The Secrets He Kept for $2.99 – 25% off its normal price of $3.99. I’m also still looking into other places to sell, so stay […]

Expanded purchasing options for my books!

I’ve had all of my books enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select for, roughly, the last year or so. I’ve spent the last few weeks, as the renewal date for my enrollment neared, trying to decide whether to continue with Select or whether to expand out to other sites again. Select has some benefits that were mildly beneficial. The main ones […]

Cult – A Review

I finished Cult by Warren Adler about a week ago. I’ve had to take some time to think about my review, because this book didn’t really appeal to me the way I thought it would. When I read the description of the book, it sounded like something I’d love to read. The book was described as being about a woman […]

The Here and Now – A Review

The Here and Now is a new book by Ann Brashares that will be released on April 8, 2014. The story is a time travel romance, geared toward young adults, and it’s incredible. The story is about Prenna, a teenaged girl who has traveled back in time to the present day in order to change the future. The future she […]

Cover A or Cover B?

So, I’m thinking of a cover redesign. I’d love to know your thoughts.  Cover A is the original cover, and Cover B is the redesigned one. Which one do you like better? Cover A                                                    Cover B

My current reading list

When I’m not writing, or doing things with my kids, I’m generally reading. I keep my “Currently Reading” section updated on Goodreads, but there’s a lot of “to read” books that are on my shelf there that I’m not even close to getting to just yet. So, I thought I’d give you a little inside glimpse as to what I’m […]