Autumn is coming…faster than expected

Where I live, there isn’t that nice long easing into fall from summer: we don’t get the changing leaves, or the gradual decline in temperature, or any of that other nice stuff that you people up north get. Usually, what we get is hot, long days until one morning, BAM! We wake up and it’s like 40 degrees out or […]

A very strange night…

Last night was odd, to say the least. My kids and I were watching TV – I don’t remember what we were watching – although, technically, I was more reading than watching, but whatever. Anyway, between 9 and 10, we heard this really strange sound.  At first, it almost seemed like thunder, except that it lasted too long and was […]

The power of guilt

When I was 15, I got a cat. He was a sweet little kitten, only about 2 weeks old. I named him Timid – it fit. He was shy, he was independent, and he did not enjoy a lot of attention and affection. When he wanted those, he would let you know; otherwise, it was best to leave him alone. […]

Trying too hard, and the relief in letting go

I’ve spent the summer working on about three different books. Each was an idea that I’d had before, and worked on before. They had all been set aside at various points because something just wasn’t working. Each one I worked on, I did because I thought I’d figured out how to make what didn’t work, work. But even if I […]