What a miserable week!

So, I promised a post explaining why I suddenly dropped out of everything last week. As you may, or may not, have noticed, I was not posting anywhere last week: nothing on here, or Facebook, or Twitter (other than some scheduled tweets). There were several reasons I was so silent. One was that I was more than a bit fed […]

What I do other than writing

I spent a lot of my time writing. Just like you spend a lot of your time at your job, writing is mine and it takes a good chunk of my time. But there are other things I do. Here’s a few of them. I homeschool my kids. Like writing, this takes up another huge chunk of my time. There’s […]

More bitter than sweet

I spend a lot of time reading – well, when I’m not writing that is. I read a huge variety of things – romance, romantic suspense, suspense, mystery, thriller, chick lit, sci fi, and nonfiction, too. The last couple of weeks I’ve been reading Ashley Judd’s All That Is Bitter and Sweet. It’s a memoir that tells about her childhood, […]

Never been so glad for a weekend to end!

This weekend turned into the weekend from hell. I have never been so glad to say goodbye to a weekend. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I’d come home from grocery shopping to have my computer tell me it detected a “hard drive problem.” (The laundry did get done, btw!) I spent the afternoon trying to back things up. When […]


I check out a website every morning, for their Daily Inspiration post. Today, I didn’t get to it until this afternoon. But the inspiration was definitely needed. Out of the whole post, this line stuck out at me: Challenge can often be frustrating, yet in that frustration is a powerful degree of motivation. This line stuck out, because today has […]

Fireworks, fun, and a freebie!

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. What have you got planned for the holiday? Our plans are pretty low key. We’re going to grill burgers and dogs, with some fries and maybe some corn on the cob. Assuming the weather cooperates, we’ll also spend some time in the pool, and set off fireworks tomorrow night. We do our own at […]

Tangled Deceit turns one!

Okay, not really, since the book itself is actually about eleven years old. But it’s been exactly one year today since I published it. And my, how things have changed. I’ve explained before that this particular book was actually written when I was a young, stay at home mom with my oldest son. I wrote it, finished it, and put […]