What a difference a year makes!

As Christmas approaches, and I finish wrapping presents, baking cookies, and trying to make sure that everything that needs to be done is done, I also find myself contemplating all the changes the last year has brought. At this time last year, I had made the decision, but not yet actively begun, to homeschool my two kids. I was still […]

Just in case the world does end…

I am not one of those that believes the world will end tomorrow. But I have to admit that it is fun to joke around about it. So in keeping with joking around about it… Just in case the world does end tomorrow, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who visit my site, who’ve bought […]

What to say?

I’ve been debating today what to post, if anything at all. I had been planning, on Friday, to publish a post I’d been working on in which I answered some questions that I’d been getting. But after the tragic events in Connecticut on Friday, that just seemed totally inappropriate. I spent the weekend spending time with my children, trying to […]

One enormous rock, please

I have to confess one of my guilty pleasures to you, in order for you to understand where this post is coming from. So, here it is: I watch Sister Wives on TLC. Now, before you start yelling at your screen about what an idiot I am, let me be clear that I do not believe everything I see. I […]

Little things with big people

As an early Christmas present, my mom gave me some cash and informed me that she was going to watch my kids, then sent me on my way to go out with a friend. As a single, work from home, homeschooling mom, I don’t get much time to myself. I get a couple of hours after the kids are in […]

Don't let the pretty blue icon erase all courtesy

As usual, I need to protect the privacy of others, so I won’t be using any names in this post. But I had to blog about it, because I just don’t understand it. I, like so many, am on Facebook. I have my author page, where you all can connect with me, but I also have my personal page for […]

Get The Secrets He Kept for only $.99!

Have you picked up your copy of The Secrets He Kept yet? No? Well, why not? How about I sweeten the deal for you? Through tomorrow only, you can pick up the ebook version of The Secrets He Kept on Smashwords for just $.99. This offer is only good on Smashwords, and only through the end of the day tomorrow. […]

The Secrets He Kept is live!!

The day we’ve been waiting for is here… You can now purchase The Secrets He Kept! Click here to be taken directly to the book’s page, where you’ll find buttons for each of your buying choices: Kindle, other ereaders, and buying the paperback both in my store and on Amazon. Thank you for all your support and patience while I […]