Want to win The Secrets He Kept?

So, I said I’d give you a chance to win the ebook version of The Secrets He Kept, and here it is! Entering is super easy. Here’s all you need to do: in the comments, tell me who your favorite author is. For me, personally, it’s a toss up between Lisa Jackson and Stephen King. But I want to know […]

Exciting News!!

I’ve been working on the edits for The Secrets He Kept for a while now, as you know. Well, now, I am almost done! I am so close in fact, that I have a wonderful announcement! I will not be releasing The Secrets He Kept in January 2013. Instead, I will be releasing it on December 1, 2012! That’s right! […]

Discount on Tangled Deceit

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Tangled Deceit yet, why not? Is it because you don’t have a Kindle or Nook? There is a paperback available, and I’ll even give you a little added incentive to hurry and get your copy today. Today through October 26th, you can click here  and use discount code FLTP5P3U to get $1.50 […]

My writing routine

When I first began writing full time, I spent a lot of time stressing myself out. I was used to the Monday through Friday, 8-5, an hour for lunch work routine. And now, here I was, at home, able to write whenever I wanted. But as good as that sounds, it was horrible at first. I felt like I had […]

A taste of The Secrets He Kept

I thought I’d give you all a little taste of The Secrets He Kept. I am in the final stages of editing, and the book will be released on January 6, 2013. Enjoy! ————— The late-October day was sunny and mild. Birds chirped merrily away in the trees, and puffy white clouds floated serenely overhead. Meadow Hanson’s hands were ice […]

Who influences me?

I write romance and romantic suspense, and while I do read both genres, I have to confess that the authors that most influence me, and that I most enjoy, are not necessarily in those genres. I am a huge Lisa Jackson fan. I love everything she writes. She creates realistic characters, vivid settings, and intricate plots that hold you right […]

The kick in the butt that got me writing for real

I wrote for years, with the idea of being a published author being a dream in the back of my mind. Like anyone else, it was the dream I held close when I hated my job, or when my marriage was falling apart, or I was scared for the third time that month that I might lose my job when […]

Rainy Days and Flowers is here!

Today’s the day! My volume of poetry, Rainy Days and Flowers, is officially available! Rainy Days and Flowers is filled with poems about life, love lost and found, the seasons and more. Whether you’re looking for something romantic, sensual, angry or lonely, the poems in this book run the gamut of emotions. You are sure to find something to suit […]

Rainy Days and Flowers – Coming out Sunday!

My volume of poetry, Rainy Days and Flowers, will be available on Smashwords and Amazon this Sunday, October 7, 2012! I am so excited about this. This book is a collection of poetry I’ve written over the last fifteen years or so, and I’m thrilled to be sharing my favorites with you. A paperback version will be available in approximately […]