Tangled Deceit on Smashwords

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Tangled Deceit, you’ll be happy to find out that it will be available on Smashwords, beginning this Saturday, September 29, 2012. It will be made available for just about every electronic reading device, including many phones. Please make sure you pick up a copy and, if you enjoy the book (or […]

Rainy Days and Flowers

As I recently mentioned, I am about to publish a book of poetry. I’m very excited to announce a release date! Rainy Days and Flowers will be released on both Amazon and Smashwords, in both digital form and paperback, on October 7th, 2012! I’ve designed my cover, using my own photography. I have a couple of new poems that I’m […]

Racing the clock

I’m working on several things at the moment. I’m still doing edits for The Secrets He Kept. I’m also looking for a few people who might be interested in reading the story (in ebook format) to tell me what they think and give me reviews. That’s a time consuming project all by itself. Then I’m also preparing my poetry to […]

Calm and relaxation

The most stressful part of my week is behind me now. The event that was causing me so much tension ended up being considerably less trying than expected – which turned out to be both good and bad. Now I’m attempting to plan the rest of my week, figuring out what I most want to get done. I have book […]

Will I accomplish anything this week?

This week is an unusual week for me. In a typical week, I get up and take my kids for a walk around the neighborhood before I come home and take a shower while they get started on some of their self-directed work. Then, we go through our homeschooling day before they get to play outside and I get to […]

Progress on The Secrets He Kept

I’ve been hard at work on the edits for The Secrets He Kept for the last couple of weeks. I got some minor edits out of the way first – spelling errors, typos, spacing errors, general things like that. Then I got to work on the bigger stuff. There wasn’t as much as I expected, at first anyway. But then […]

Poetry.com scam

A fellow author made a post on Facebook tonight that I really appreciated. Apparently, Poetry.com is at it again. They are stealing poems they find online and posting them on their site. In case this isn’t clear enough, they are posting them without permission. I found several of my poems in their database – after being forced to create an […]

Answering a few questions

There’s been quite a few questions that I’ve gotten rather regularly lately, so I’ve decided to go ahead and answer them here. In no particular order: 1. Have you heard anything new about the Independent Contractor’s Scam? I have not. I have checked the email address that I used with them a few times and received no further responses. However, […]

Asshole? Nice guy? Which one do YOU want to be?

I had an…interesting experience today. I had a man inform me that he wasn’t attracted to me. Now, keep in mind, this is not a man I even know, much less had expressed any interest in. He approached me solely for the purpose of telling me this. I replied rather snarkily with “Good for you. You felt the need to […]