First Post!

So, I decided to make this first post a bit of an explanation about why I’m making changes to the site and what’s been going on.

There’s been some rather major changes in my life over the last few months. I’ve ended a relationship, moved twice, increased my writing, been reinspired by the poetry muse, and gotten the kids back in school.

Let’s start with the relationship. It wasn’t…the healthiest of relationships, shall we say? The man I was involved with had some serious issues that he refused to admit to, much less resolve, and those issues had a fairly big impact on my own life. Now that I’m single again, I’m finding my way back to myself. Part of that journey is the elimination of his touch on my life and my things. My website was one of those things. I knew nothing at all about web design when I started the site, so he (a self proclaimed design expert and computer geek) handled all of it for me. I chose the design, but aside from that, he essentially took over all aspects and I was just along for the ride.

I later decided I wanted to learn how to do it myself, and I’ve learned quite a bit. I decided it was high time I took control of my own website. So…here we are. Redesigned, perhaps a bit simpler, and with my stamp all over it.

The two moves were also related to the relationship, and although the living situation isn’t quite what I wish it was, at least it’s stable, and I’m comfortable here.

As you may have noticed if you follow my or Associated Content work, I’ve been publishing with a lot more frequency in the last couple of months, with that frequency increasing even more now. With the end of the relationship, I have time to focus on my work again.

If you’ve just found me and don’t know what I write about, let me fill you in: I’m a freelance contributor. For, I am the Ocala Special Needs Kids Examiner. I write articles about various topics relating to special needs kids. Some topics I’ve covered in the past are things such as making homework easier for a child with ADHD, preparing for hurricane season when you have a special needs kid, and which sports are best for a child with ADHD. For Associated Content, I write about…well, anything. Recently, I published a 3 part series on the fantasy men women often think they want.

I also write poetry. Although I do publish my poetry online (even on Associated Content!), my poetry is really just for me. It’s my emotional outlet, my way of expressing myself just for the sake of it. I publish a lot, even most, of my poetry, but there are some that I write that eyes other than mine never see.

Lastly, the kids have returned to school. This is both good and bad. We’ve had an amazing summer that in truth, none of us wanted to end. But their return to school gives me several uninterrupted hours to work. This is a good thing.

Oh, one last thing: I’m also a photographer. I take mostly nature photos (which are for sale, if you’d like to purchase one), but I also do portraits. I have a separate website for my photography (that’s another change from the old version of my site!), which is also just getting up and running. If you’re near the Ocala, FL area, feel free to check it out. If you’d like to set an appointment for portraits, feel free to get in touch and we’ll see what we can set up. Prices are subject to change, of course, as I am just getting going on it.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being so patient while I get things going. It means so much to me!