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Excerpt from “Ripped Away”

Joshua woke up in the darkness. His night light had burned out again. He heard scratching noises, and saw shadows moving on the wall in the white light of the moon. He was getting ready to cry out for his mom when suddenly she appeared above him. The woman was very pretty, with dark eyes and long, dark hair. She was dressed all in black, and though Joshua knew he should be scared, he wasn’t. She looked so nice and so kind.

“Shh,” she whispered, placing a finger over her lips. He nodded.

She leaned down very close to his ear. He could feel her breath on his skin when she whispered.

“You have to come with me. Something has happened to your mommy and daddy and they’ve asked me to take care of you until they get better, okay? But we have to be very, very quiet. No talking, and we have to walk extra, super quiet.”

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